Humanitarian, Citizen and Youth Citizen of the Year Awards October 2016


Selected recipients of the Humanitarian, Citizen and Youth Citizen of the Year will be recognized at the Rotary Club of Olds Harvest Ball on October 29, 2016.


Here is the Criteria:

Citizen of the Year Award

Service Above Self

1. Demonstrates a willingness to consistently put community and peoples needs ahead of their own.

Community Development

1. Demonstrate a desire to make the community a better place for all its residents.

2. Is heavily involved in the various activities that support, build and develop a better community.

Community Service

1. Is involved in various projects throughout the community.

2. Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively and in harmony with other community members.

Personal Volunteerism

1. Is not hesitant to become involved when and wherever a need arises.

2. Dedicates their time and is readily available to fill a need.

Youth Citizen of the Year Award

1. Meets the above selection criteria.

2. Is a person below 25 years of age.

Humanitarian of the Year Award

1. Recognizes a person(s) in need and provides assistance whether it be a helping hand or a compassionate ear.

2. Involved in aspects of the community where people’s needs are paramount in importance.

3. Personality traits of kindness, generosity, friendly and compassion are evident in this person.

4. Is generally involved where a person’s quality of life can be improved upon.

5. Service above Self.