Olds Community WiFi hotspots map June 2016

The O-NET Public Wi-Fi network is an Internet service that anyone with a wireless enabled device can connect to for free. The network allows users to surf the web, email or stream video from any where there is a hotspot location.

community wifi splash page

There are over 80 hotspot locations currently part of the network that residents and visitors can connect at. To ensure that users can enjoy great service when using the network over 150 access points have been installed across these locations.

In 2015 the Olds Institute and Mountain View Power partnered with O-NET to extend the network outdoors. This partnership has enabled WiFi coverage in parks, Uptowne Olds and along Highway 27 with the installation of 15 outdoor access points.

“This community Wi-Fi network is a great example of the tangible benefits that can be generated by supporting O-NET and Mountain View Power. When homes and businesses subscribe to services from both organizations the money stays local. Profits can then be reinvested back into the community to enhance the lives of residents. “, according to Mitch Thomson, Executive Director of the Olds Institute.

Map of Free WiFi access hotspots