P2S in Olds November 8-9-10 Keynote Speaker: Adriane MacDonald, University of Lethbridge October 2015

Adriane MacDonald, University of Lethbridge

Abstract: Empowering Decision Makers on the Road to Sustainability. Collaboratively implementing a community sustainability plan can be an immensely rewarding process that connects people as they co-create and strive for a shared sustainability vision. Engaging a diverse range of stakeholders builds a rich understanding of the community’s sustainability challenges and paves the way for an innovative and empathetic response to problem solving. While there are many benefits to partnering with community stakeholders this approach can also pose logistical and other challenges. Managing the diverse needs of various partners while trying to achieve the sustainability goals in the plan requires coordinated leadership. This talk summarizes over ten years of research on implementing community sustainability plans. With an emphasis on managing partnerships, the design of systems, such as renewal, communication, and decision making in implementation structures are explored in relation to their capacity to empower both decision makers and partners during the process.


Biography: Adriane MacDonald is a passionate educator and researcher in the areas of sustainability, partnerships, strategy and corporate social responsibility. An Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management at the University of Lethbridge, Adriane researches multi-stakeholder partnerships implementing community sustainability plans in Canada and Internationally. For the last five years, Adriane has been a lead collaborator and researcher on the Sustainable Communities research project at the University of Waterloo. She has given several presentations on the topics of sustainable communities and partnerships to academic and government audiences. Adriane is in the final stages of her PhD in Social and Ecological Sustainability from the University Waterloo. She also holds a Master’s in Local Economic Development. Outside of academia, Adriane has worked as a consultant in the private sector and as a business analyst for the Government of Canada.

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