P2S Keynote Speaker: Brenda Herchmer, Campus for Communities October 2015

Brenda Herchmer, Campus for Communities

Abstract: How to Cultivate Relationships and Accelerate Prosperity: 10 Leadership Learnings. While it is clear the pathways to economic, social, and environmental sustainability are complicated, it is also clear that relationships, networks, and webs are an essential foundation for the cross sectoral collaboration, collective impact, and systems change that will be required.This session will share ten leadership learningsgathered as the result of working with over 60 communities across the country. Inspiring stories illustrate each learning while providing practical how-to’s. More than anything the session provides a  pathway for those who aren’t sure where to start in terms of implementing the community building, citizen engagement, and “meshwork” that will be essential for sustainability.


Biography: Brenda Herchmer is the Principal Collaborator and Founder of a social enterprise called Campus for Communities.  Author of three books, her primary work involves speaking, training, and consulting as it relates to community building and the leadership it requires.She recently served as the director of Alberta’s provincial ACE Communities initiative and taught at Niagara College where she also founded and managed the Niagara Centre for Community Leadership. The Centre was acknowledged by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges as an “exemplary practice in community development” and was a finalist for the prestigious national Peter F. Drucker Innovation Award. Brenda is an avid blogger, and was acknowledged as a YWCA Woman of Distinction in Training and Education.

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