Tour of Alberta race leg well worth the cost, chamber president says October 2016

Olds Albertan

Officials say the community paid $60,000 for exposure that normally costs millions of dollars
Tuesday, Sep 20, 2016 06:00 am By: Doug Collie


“He agrees with Olds Institute executive director Mitch Thomson, who says the total cost to the community was about $60,000. That includes $50,000 in public funds ($15,000 each from the town and Mountain View County, and $10,000 each from Olds College and Olds Institute). The remainder came from private sponsors, service clubs, etc.

Thomson says normally, the rights to host a Tour of Alberta leg start cost $100,000 and the rights to hold a leg finish cost $150,000. That’s not including hundreds of volunteer hours. So he sees that as a real bargain for the community.

Thomson says organizers were able to obtain the rights to host the leg that finished in Olds because the Pomeroy Group stepped in as a sponsor.”


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