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We offer a full service gigabit broadband network right here in Olds.

For business this means super high-speed internet speeds for both uploads and downloads, VOIP telephone service offering free long-distance calling in North America and enhanced television viewing including catch-up TV.

It has been estimated that in 2015 local business subscribing to O-NET, have saved over three hundred thousand dollars through the use of our gigabit internet services and VOIP telephone services.

O-NET has partnered with Mountain View Power, an electricity and natural gas retailer owned by the Olds Institute, to offer free community WiFi service in public places across town.

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Here is the O-NET story . . .

In 2004, the Olds Institute’s Technology Committee began focusing on laying the foundation for a connected community with the development of an Open Access Telecommunication Network. In 2011, the construction of a state-of-the-art fibre-optic network began. With this network now in place throughout the entire community, every resident and business in town has access to technology that is making people in other towns and cities jealous.

O-NET was born out of a passion to create a connected community in Olds where residents and businesses have access to the kinds of technology services and experiences you’d find in larger cities.

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The Technology Committee had a vision for Olds: the creation of a connected community where citizens are intelligent consumers of technology and  establish a culture of use. Olds is a community that goes beyond e-mail or simple e-commerce; it is a community where access to and use of information technology exists on a scale equivalent to the current use of electrical power or water in our taps.

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We have built a brand new network using the best technology that allows us to give you so much more. With the ability to connect every home and business in Olds to our network and boasting one of the fastest Internet services in Canada, we offer you the best experiences possible when it comes to exploring the web, watching television and keeping in touch with all the important people in your lives.


As Canada’s first community-owned and operated fibre-to-the-premises network, O-NET brings together and delivers unique broadcasting, phone and Internet services to residential and business customers, creating advantages such as the fastest Internet speeds in the country, the latest high-definition television features, fully customizable telephone systems, mass storage and virtual private networks.

Video – “Olds is a GigaBit Town – the O-NET Story”

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