Good4 Olds AnonymousGood Challenge

Wouldn’t it be great if the little community of Olds could influence everyone to do good, feel good and change the world by promoting acts of good in our community? We believe we can!

We want to celebrate our neighbourliness, engage everyone (especially our kids) and increase goodness and wellness for all. We invite you to become a Good 4 OLDS Champion by posting the good things you do or see in our community.

Of course, we invite anyone from other communities who would like to support our challenge to become an honorary Good 4 OLDS Champion by posting acts of good under our challenge too. Just include the name of your community in your post so we know where you are!


Ryan Notley, a local singer/sonwriter wrote a song about doing good to “Change the World”. Enjoy the video and watch as the Good4 Olds challenge spreads through our community.

Just think what we can do if we share the goods. We know we can post 5,000 Acts of Good in the next 10 months if we work together!

Visit the Good4 Olds Challenge page on to see the latest acts of goods and to post your own!