Olds Economic Development

Olds is widely known as the “Centre for Agriculture and Industry” and “Gateway to the Rockies,” and is located in the heart of south-central Alberta. The community’s central location contributes to the continued growth and economic stability of the community.

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Olds is known for its commitment to sustainable growth and offers many of the amenities of larger centres including a host of schools, recreational opportunities and Olds College, one of the premier agricultural learning institutions in western Canada.

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Olds is open for business as demonstrated through the vibrancy of our Uptowne business and cultural core, and the rapidly growing business development area on the west end of town that houses several of our largest employers and offers new investment opportunities for enterprise and entrepreneurial expansion.

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Olds has more than 100 acres of parks, playgrounds, picnic areas and gold courses. Hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, fishing and hunting are all readily accessible. The residential areas in Olds are of a very high standard, the community is clean and safe, and its citizens take pride in this fact.

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