Vision / Mission


Olds is a community of citizens who value lifestyle by nurturing it through all economic and social growth.


The Community Lifestyle Committee will provide valued input and have a meaningful impact on the Olds Institute’s decisions and initiatives, resulting in positive lifestyle outcomes for our community.


  • Responsible decision making today will be valued and appreciated by future citizens of Olds.
  • Our Mission will create a desire to be perpetuated through commitment well into the future.
  • Change is inevitable. We will embrace change as an opportunity to positively affect our community’s future.
  • Our community has the potential to be recognized and respected as a leader in both community lifestyle and economic development.
  • Our citizens will have the opportunity to lead a balanced lifestyle.
  • We will seek first to understand, then to govern ourselves accordingly.
  • We value and appreciate diversity through the participation and contribution of our citizens.
  • A healthy environment will support the development of healthy citizens.


  • Our membership will suport our Vision, Mission & Shared Beliefs.
  • Our membership will be dynamic, meaning open to change.
  • Membership will be capped at 12 members.
  • Decision making will strive for consensus.
  • Community input will be sought after.
  • A quorum will consist of 50% of the membership at any point int time.
  • The current Olds Institute board member on our committee will be our liaison, i.e. communication link to the Board.
  • The chair of our committee will attend of minimum of three Board meetings per year.
  • Our commitee will conduct an annual assessment of performance.