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Our Current Projects

Age friendly Initiative of the Community Lifestyles Committee

In 2014 the Community Lifestyles Committee (CLC) decided to work on two recommendations from the research document of 2011 “Social Trends Research for Olds, Alberta” commissioned by the CLC.  Four recommendations are related to the statistics identifying more senior citizens in Olds than in other Alberta communities.  The CLC investigated various methods of meeting the recommendations and found a qualified chair for The Age-Friendly Initiative.  Their first meeting was held in June 2015.  It is anticipated that data will be collected by the fall of 2016 or early 2017.  An action plan should be completed by the fall of 2017  The Age-Friendly Initiative of the CLC will follow the Alberta Health’s documents “Age -Friendly Guide for Local Action” and “Age-Friendly Accompanying Materials” both dated 2012  to earn the status of making Olds an ‘Age-Friendly Community’.  Meeting this standard requires an analysis of the community and its services, surveying residents on the eight dimensions of an age-friendly community, and reporting the results and proposed action plan to the OI Board, Olds Town Council and other relevant community groups.

The benefits to Olds include:

  • Having healthier residents including those with various disabilities. Residents are supported to maintain their independence and prevent illness and injuries;
  • Developing stronger community connections where the above residents are encouraged to participate in the workforce, recreational opportunities and social and volunteer opportunities;
  • Increasing optimal use of public resources thus improving use of tax dollars. Services become accessible to more residents and have a greater impact in the community.  “Design for the young and you exclude the olds, design for the olds and you include everyone.” WHO;
  • Providing greater business opportunities. Age-friendly businesses are more accessible to more residents who are more willing to access their services;
  • Enhancing citizenship. The community recognizes and appreciates contributions made by all members of the community and engages them in all aspects of community life.

Download a copy of our brochure here.

olds-lifestyle OI legacy fund tree invitation 2015

The Olds Institute Community Legacy Fund was created from the Olds and Community Foundation. It is an endowment fund, in partnership with the Red Deer Foundation.  This partnership allows for the Red Deer Foundation to manage the administration of the fund, while the Community Lifestyles Committee of the Olds Institute focuses on supporting social development projects. It is an investment pool composed of funds that have been donated by both individuals and organizations. As a registered charity, donations received by the fund will be permanently invested and each year only the interest earned can be withdrawn and reinvested back into the community. The Community Legacy Fund  is an ongoing initiative brings benefits not just for this generation, but also for future generations.

This initiative has been in existence and ongoing for a long time. It was started by Champions in in our community many years ago. They ran it as t as the Olds and Community Foundation under the Red Deer Foundation for many years they raised $13, 000.00.  The then Director of the Red Deer Foundation  came to the Director of Community Services for the Town of Olds  and asked if there was another group that would take on this initiative so that the work that had been done would not be lost. The Director of Community services asked the Community Lifestyles to take it on and they agreed to do so providing it had the blessing of the Olds Institute and the Town of Olds. So they embarked on a process and sought he approval of the Olds Institute and the Town of Olds. It became the Olds Institute Community Legacy Fund. The OI Community Legacy Fund is an ongoing initiative that will benefit future generations. The Community Lifestyles Committee was asked to steward the initiative for the Olds Institute and has continued to do so.

  • Today the Fund is at $24,742.58;
  • Last year OI-CLF earned $696.46 from the interest which was given back to the community;
  • $348 23 was given to the Olds Historical Society &;
  • $348.23 was given to the Olds Hospice Society;
  • For 2016 the interest earned form the fund is $764.66.

Community agencies have been invited to apply and have their application in by October 31st. 2016 Applications are available on line and can also be picked up @ Carlyle and Cody.  To celebrate the growth of the O I Community Legacy Fund the community was invited to plant daffodils in Centennial Park around the oak tree that was planted last year. 100 daffodils were planted by children and their families who also donated $300.00 to the fund.

Community Showcase

2016 was the 5th annual Community Showcase. It was a huge success with over 74 tables’ setup to showcase what our community has to offer. The purpose of the evening is to give families students and citizens from our community an opportunity to learn what our community has to offer and register for programs and activities such as hockey art lessons and dancing, to name a few. It also provides an opportunity for agencies and associations to network and learn about each other.

The Community Showcase for 2019 will be on September 5th. If your organization is interested in hosting a table at the event, visit

Lifestyle is considered to be one of the weighted objectives in the assessment of all community economic development initiatives.

Past Projects

Along with Olds Physician Attraction & Retention Committee plans and promoting Olds as a Fair Trade community, members of the Community Lifestyle Committee of the Olds Institute have been involved with other projects over the past few years.

Some of these include:

  • Conducting assessments on known development projects as the opportunities presented themselves, for example:

    We are the first contact with developers in terms of lifestyle.

  • Taking a leadership role in the establishment of a Municipal Sustainability Plan
    • One of the reasons there was a tremendous passion and rallying of people towards the Municipal Sustainability was to institute some preventative and controlling actions that would turn over a preferred future to the young people that would meet their needs. We all know we cannot continue to pull out of the earth’s crust at the rate we’re going.
    • The five dimensions of sustainability in Olds really speak to the Community Lifestyle committee:
      1. A healthy environment
      2. A strong economy
      3. A vibrant cultural scene
      4. Good governance
      5. A strong social network
  • The Olds Advisory Group for Sustainable Living was instrumental in seeing Olds became the first officially-designated Fair Trade Town in the province of Alberta in November 2009. Attention is given to products produced in an environmentally sustainable manner, that improve the quality of life for people.
  • The Town’s Trails Task Force may extend its interests to include a plan for a forest reserve. Perhaps Olds will become known as the “Walk-about Community”.
  • A representative from the Community Lifestyle Committee also sits on the Town’s Affordable Housing Task Force.
  • The Community Lifestyles Committee hosted a community input session about the social aspects of the Olds Strategic Sustainability Plan in October 2009.Click here to read the complete report.
    • The next steps are to:
      • Conduct Asset Mapping (inventory, database) of the community’s strengths, services needs.
      • Build upon existing services
      • Involve users and consumers of the services in the discussions and decisions
      • Involve all aspects of the community – e.g. businesses
      • Foster public awareness of social needs (e.g one idea is a speaker(s) hosted by OIRCD)
      • Communicate between agencies and organizations providing services
      • Undertake a Social Development and Action Plan with clearly defined vision, mission, goals and actions.

Lifestyle is considered to be one of the weighted objectives in the assessment of all economic development initiatives. We continue to receive meaningful work.