Terms of Reference – Community Lifestyles Committee


Terms of Reference


We are a community of citizens who value quality of life by nurturing all five dimensions of sustainability – cultural, economic, environmental, governance and social.


To provide valuable and meaningful input to impact the decisions and initiatives of the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development resulting in positive community lifestyles.


To proactively engage and give voice to the citizens of our community in support of aligning community development with the five dimensions of sustainability.


We believe:

  • We will seek first to understand, then to govern ourselves accordingly.
  • Responsible decision making today will be valued and appreciated by future citizens.
  • We are a part of creating a continuum of commitment to positive lifestyles into the future.
  • It is our responsibility to ensure that change is directed toward the sustainable, beneficial growth of our community.
  • Our community has the potential to be recognized and respected as a champion of all five dimensions of sustainability.
  • That our community culture fosters well-being through the five dimensions of sustainability.
  • In valuing and respecting diversity through universal participation and contribution of our citizens.
  • In seeking community input.
  • In transparency in all of our activities.


  • Our membership will support our Vision, Mission & Shared Beliefs.
  • Our membership will be dynamic (diverse, responsive, organic, progressive, open, willing to change, fluid).
  • Will strive to achieve consensus for decision making.
  • 40% of the public membership will constitute a quorum.
  • The chair of Community Lifestyles will be required to attend three Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development Board meetings annually.
  • Performance of the committee and Chair will be reviewed annually.
  • Committee meetings will be held the second Thursday of every month.
  • That the membership consist of a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 7
  • 1 to 2 representatives from the department for Community Services will be ex Officio
  • 1 to 2 representatives from the Olds Institute will be ex Officio

Strategic Direction: Social Development

 Goal 1: A Social Development Plan

 Potential Actions:

a) Initiate plan by 2013-3014 year

b) Asset Mapping

c) Gap Analysis

d) Actions arising from Social Research and identifying and planning initiatives

Why do we want a social development plan?

  • To prevent overlapping of services/understand resources
  • To be able to maximize the resources we have
  • To create synergies
  • To connect with community groups
  • To set goals and priorities

Goal 2: Succession plan for Lifestyles Committee

  • To creatively engage and mentor new recruits
  • Consider under 40 sub-group

Potential Actions:

a) Identify required skills and knowledge

b) Identify needs of potential and present committee members to attract members and to retain them

c) Establish a recruiting plan

d) Recruit!

e) Ongoing

Why do we need succession planning?

  • For sustainability
  • To ensure diverse ideas are considered
  • For continuity of programs and ensuring community needs are met
  • To provide mentoring as required and to develop community leaders
  • To share the leadership of Community Lifestyles Committee

Strategic Direction: Advocacy

Goal 1: To advocate and support citizens in our community to access (social, recreation, culture, etc.) services

  • We provide active support to interagency linkages
  • We survey/connect/hear from people in the community to better understand their needs

Why are we doing this?

  • To create a vibrant, active , engaged community
  • Create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to participate
  • Reduce barriers for participation

Goal 2: To develop an advocacy plan to increase understanding and support for the work of this Committee and the services agencies in Olds

  • Include actions for entities such as MLAs, MPs, Town Council, Olds Institute, County Council, Chamber of Commerce (i.e. ways to contact and work with them)
  • Link to public engagement
  • Present projects/Community Groups
  • Olds Physician Attraction and Retention Committee\
  • Primary Care Network
  • Community Information and Registration Evenings
  • Olds Community and Legacy Foundation

Why are we doing this?

  • Tell the story/substantiate things
  • To communicate annually with immediate stakeholders – OICRD and Essential Members
  • To increase understanding
  • To advocate and educate

Strategic Direction: Communication

Goal 1: Community Information Distribution

  • Annual Community Information and Registration Evenings

Why are we doing this?

  • To enhance participation in and awareness about Olds community sport, recreation, culture and social development activities.
  • To assist in providing the resources to obtain and compile all necessary data to develop a template for the future – both data and processes that will ensure these community events and registration nights are able to be successfully carried out with available resources in the future.
  • To assist and enable collaboration and partnerships among organizations and agencies in the community.
  • A longer term outcome would be strengthening the interagency process and supporting regular and ongoing communication among agencies and organizations in Olds and our citizens.

Goal 2: Internal two-way communication with Olds Institute and its committees

  • Link to the OI’s Marketing Committee

Goal 3: External communication to the community (information, awareness)

  • Multi-faceted marketing
  • Maintain existing connections
  • Connect with the “unconnected”, that is, hard to reach (marginalized populations)
  • Engage the unengaged


Download a PDF version of Community Lifestyles Committee Terms of Reference