Technology Courses in Olds



Olds College opened its doors in 1913 and have since provided the education and training to launch successful careers for many generations of learners. The Olds College has created an environment for learning, inquiry, partnership and communication that supports its students, employees and communities.

Olds College offers access to numerous on-line  learning opportunities.

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Olds Municipal Library is no longer only a repository for books and havens for those seeking the quiet pursuit of knowledge. On any given day, the Olds Library is humming with activity. Children are learning how to become Eco Detectives. New Canadians are selecting progressive readers and beginner English books written for adult learners. Artists are exchanging their Art Spark Trading Cards, mini masterpieces they have created. Truckers are checking out best sellers on audiotape to help pass the kilometers. Teens are engrossed in computer aided dialogues with people across the world. As Olds’ population has expanded and growth continues, increasing the number of users and diversity of their needs, the community is ready for a new generation library.

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