Benefits of a computer network for your business Reduce Cost – Data Integrity – Backup – Security

It wasn’t long ago when computers in the work place stood alone, with their own printer and independent internet connection, making each workstation costly to acquire and maintain. With a network environment you can afford to purchase a higher quality single unit for printing and internet access ultimately lowering your total cost of ownership for your equipment.

Data integrity increases with the use of a network environment. Files can easily be corrupted by transferring files from computer to computer using manual methods like disks and flash drives. Network environments allow for the implementation of a centralized data management system, which places data on a central server granting multiple access for network users. A centralized server can also play a critical role in providing critical data back-up.

The central server provides a one stop location for data back-up. Setting up scheduled back-ups to removable media or even an offsite data centre can protect your data in the event of a failure or catastrophe.

Network environments also allow for strict control over user level access rights, and permissions to your information and equipment. Robust firewalls and network anti-virus can help protect your data and better manage computer maintenance.

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