Create a Successful Sales Process Online

Converting a Website Visitor to a Customer requires a clearly defined process – one that builds trust and confidence while smoothly escorting the visitor through selection to purchasing.

Each visitor moves through a multi-level process. If this process is clear and the visitor feels “escorted” they will continue towards a successful “close” (or conversion). The levels shown below will help to create success in your online site.

LEVEL 1 – Marketing & Prospecting to your Target Audience

To sell your product or service online, your visitors should be made up of targeted, qualified traffic. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, and other advertisements will attract visitors who are interested in your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

LEVEL 2 – Build Credibility and Trust

Physical stores with staff, offices and products or services that can be handled and explained – build trust in much the same way as your website. A substitution is at work, where eye contact and credibility are replaced by a visual assessment of your web store/site elements.

Your site should look and feel professional, legitimate and reliable. It should act as a personal shopper, with support and information options clearly available. Your navigation should be simple and uncluttered, your links and images all relevant and unbroken. Your copy should be powerful and accurate.

LEVEL 3 – Escort the buyer

Walk your visitor through the buying process by providing options when there is overlap and anticipating their needs as they go along. Provide structured, clear navigation.

LEVEL 5 – Close the Sale

Guess work doesn’t work online. Describe each product/service clearly and thoroughly, add testimonials or leave room for reviews. Provide all your payment information and options up-front.


Internet Marketing Strategies Defined

A good, working website is an investment – with a return that is in your hands. The most effective way to make your website profitable is to create a strategic plan for your internet presence that includes SEO, Professional Design, Compelling Copy, Google AdWords and a Solid Brand Strategy.

Strategic plans utilize a variety of methods to bring people to your website, build awareness of your product and confidence or camaraderie. Begin by promoting yourself on social media sites such as FaceBook or MySpace – include contests and interesting content. You can also write stories for online specialty news sites, create a blog, join interest forums and even advertise on many of these sites.

Find a reputable (and successful) Web Development Firm that includes all of the tools listed above. Effective Internet marketing is a multifaceted approach that ensures your website copy (text) can be properly identified by search engines and yet remains readable by people … those same people that will buy your products or services.

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