Green Technology

Today companies must focus on more than their business objectives. They must also meet environmental goals. Companies around the world have cut costs and heightened their competitive advantage through green technology. Companies are learning to reduce their environmental impact while also propelling business growth and reducing costs.

Companies must use assets that offer optimal energy efficiency to keep costs and carbon emissions down. That means they must be manufactured using the fewest new and the least toxic materials and they must be designed from the start for optimal energy efficiency. An organization’s IT assets should have sustainability designed right into them and must manage those assets properly through to end of life and disposal.

As well, the infrastructure on which products operate must be energy efficient – whether you own it or it is hosted in another facility.


To create a true green IT environment takes more than just making your IT more energy efficient. It also means using IT in a way that makes your entire operation more sustainable and lessens your environmental impact. Companies need to re-think and re-design their business processes, removing unnecessary materials, reducing cost and waste, and introducing new efficiencies.

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