Registering a Domain Name

In order to have a website you need a domain name or “URL” (Uniform Resource Locator) and that domain name in short points to the server where your website is hosted. For example the domain name for this site which is an acronym for “Olds Connected Community” and that domain name points to a server with an IP address of The IP address pinpoints where the server is physically located. How it gets there is a bit more complicated and we then have to talk about DNS or “Domain Name Server” … which is more than is needed here.

Choosing a Domain Name – First you need to determine if the name you would like has already been chosen by someone else. It is getting more difficult each day to get a new name because many of the easily identifiable names have been grabbed up by people. However the name of this site was readily available and made sense for what we were doing … so it is a matter of looking and finding what is available.

Canadian Domain Names – In Canada domain names end with “.CA” If you see a URL that ends in “.CA” you know it is a Canadian website. Websites that end in “.COM” are often thought of as USA based sites but in fact the “.COM” has become universal. It is prudent to acquire both the “.COM” and the “.CA” if you can to avoid someone else grabbing your name. You can get to the Olds Connected Community website by entering either the OR the as they both point to the same server.

Registering Your Domain Name – Once you have determined that the domain name you would like is available you need to purchase and register the name. Registry services charge a fee for registering your name per year or for a number of years. It is important to check around as domain names can cost as little as under $10 per year to as much as $70 plus per year for the same domain name and service.


There are domain name services available here in Olds or you can search the Internet for the registry of your choice.

To find a Domain Name Service company in Olds visit our online business and service directory at