Website Hosting

Website Hosting

There are a number of options available to you if you need to host a website and have email services. Before you settle on a web host you will need a domain name. Information on acquiring and registering a domain name can be found on this link. Then you need to determine if you have the skills and time to build your own website, purchase a template (pre-made website) or if you are going to hire a Web Designer or a Web Development Company.

If you choose to use a web company to create your website then in all likelihood they will have a webhost they either prefer to use or they will have their own web servers and the expertise to maintain them. Web Developers generally prefer to use their own servers as they are familiar with the servers and can easily code direct to the site. More importantly if something goes “sideways” on the server they will generally know about it before you ever do and will already be correcting the problem before you call. However that does not mean you cannot choose a webhost of your own choice.


What to think about when looking for a Web Hosting Provider.

  • Work out your requirements before you start looking for a web hosting provider. If you are putting up a 5 page website about your favorite cat then your web hosting requirements are going to be quite simple. Often your ISP Internet Service Provider will provide a limited amount of hosting space for free included in your service. However if you need a Content Managed website with ecommerce capabilities then you will need a LOT more from your web host.
  • Determine your budget. If you are going to host the 5 page website on your cat then you probably want to look for as inexpensive or even free hosting solution (if you don’t mind their ads on your site). You are probably not going to get a whole lot of support for free hosting package or $9.95 per month. However if you are going to have an ecommerce site then you need support and even proactive support to keep your server and site up and securely running.
  • Verified References are important. Find out who they provide service to and ask them if their website is always up and if their email is always available. Ask about the amount of spam email they receive. Do they have something in place to reduce the amount of spam sent to your mailbox.

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