An Internet Service Provider (ISP) simply put is a company that offers its customers access to the Internet from their home or business. For the most part an ISP will connect to its customers using data transmission technology that incorporates the use of a dial-up modem, DSL box, cable modem, Fibre to the Premise (FTTH) or wireless connection such as microwave or satellite transmission.

Most ISPs provide Internet e-mail accounts to users which allow them to communicate to other ISPs and by extension their customers, by sending and receiving digital messages through the ISP’s own mail servers. ISPs often provide additional services such as, VOIP Telephone Service, HD TV services, remote storage of data files, website hosting, as well as other services unique to the specific ISP.

Website Hosting

A website hosting provider will in most cases be located in a data centre that is connected to a Top Level ISP with multiple backbones for incoming and outgoing Internet Service. Most web hosting providers will also provide email services in their web servers.



Generally an ISP cannot provide complete worldwide Internet access on their own, ISPs themselves purchase from what is called “upstream ISPs” for extended Wholesale Top Level Internet access. The upstream ISP will commonly have a larger network then the contracting ISP and is able to provide the home ISP with access to the Internet the home ISP by itself would not be able to connect.

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