Green Technology

The causes of global climate change come from many sources: vehicles, manufacturing processes, solid waste and garbage, to name a few. One often overlooked source, however, are the buildings in which we live and work. Green technology is the application of environmental science to conserve the environment and natural resources, and to curb the negative impacts of humans on the earth.

You can make a difference in your home in some of the following areas:

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy that can be replenished easily. Energy that can be produced by natural objects like wood, sun, wind is considered to be renewable.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is the utilization of devices that require smaller amounts of energy in order to reduce the consumption of electricity. Reducing the use of electricity causes less fossil fuels to be burned to provide that electricity.


Alternative and clean power

Scientists continue to search for clean energy alternatives to our current power production methods. These include using unleaded gasoline, solar energy and alternative fuel vehicles, including plug-in hybrid andhybrid electric vehicles.

Electric motors consume 60% of all electricity generated.  Advanced energy efficient electric motor andelectric generator technologies are cost effective and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) andsulfur dioxide (SO2) introduced to the atmosphere compared to electricity that is generated using fossil fuels.

Green Building

Basically, speaking, green building is an innovative way to build buildings and houses using the tools and materials most efficiently to sustain our environment.


Green technology is an area of new, innovative ways to make changes in daily life. Currently, this technology is in the beginning stages of its development, so the future will hold bigger and better opportunities for change.

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