Home Computers

Over the last 15 years, computers have become an essential device in homes much like the TV and DVD player. The average home now has at least 2 computers and is used by children, teenagers, adults and seniors of all ages. Computers have become more than just a tool for work and can be our access to the world, an entertainment medium or an all-in-one solution that keeps our lives organized and efficient.

Buying the right computer can be a very important decision when it comes to getting what you need for your budget. Systems come in hundreds of varieties with thousands of configurations and selecting the right one can be a bit overwhelming. If you buy a computer and find out it doesn’t do what you want or doesn’t have enough power to run your applications, upgrades can end up being costly and time consuming.


These days, many computers come with more than enough speed (RAM ) and storage space (hard drives).These 2 components are also among the cheapest when building a PC. The key components you want to look for when deciding what to buy are:

  • Operating System (windows xp, vista, windows 7 (32 or 64 bit))
  • Peripheral connection requirements (can I plug my existing printer, monitor, camera, webcam into it)
  • Video inputs/outputs (can I plug in 2 monitors or a high definition TV in or record/watch my existing TV/cable)
  • Wireless (Does the computer have wireless capabilities, can it be added, do I need it) *Most laptops made in the last few years have wireless built in but most desktops do not.
  • Laptop vs. Desktop (do I need portability. Cost difference vs. benefits)
  • Communication tools (does it come with or can be used with a microphone/webcam)
  • Media/Entertainment use (play DVDs, have storage for mp3/iTunes, audio outputs)
  • Storage security (how is my data protected. What are my backup options).

Asking the right questions, doing your own research and shopping around can definitely save you time, money and problems in the future and ensure that your computer buying experience is an enjoyable one.

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