Home Security

Home security is much more than a few infrared sensors and a couple of door sensors connected to a Central Control System … even if it is voice activated. While it is important to have the security that an intrusion system can provide there is much more available to make your home secure.

  • CO2 Gas Sensors to measure and send an alarm for that number 1 home silent killer
  • Temperature Sensors that protect you from overheating and from freezing
  • Smoke and Fire Sensors that will alert internally and externally
  • Break Glass Sensors for alarms when a window is broken as someone tries to break into your home
  • Motion Sensors that pick up movement within the area of the sensor
  • Yard Sensors that activate a camera and record as necessary
  • Door Switch a simple on off switch that sends a signal if a door is opened
  • Medical Alert Systems for Seniors and handicapped
  • Voice Activated systems that call you when a problem arises
  • Wireless Cell Connection Systems that defeat cutting of your phone lines
  • Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems technology notifies homeowners of any problems, so that they can investigate. Artificial intelligence programs keep track of the homeowner’s habits, and other important information, and notify emergency personnel when necessary.


Intelligent System Technology Used in Fire and Intrusion Protection

An Intelligent home security system offers much more protection than the typical fire or intrusion alarm. This type of system monitors all areas of the home, checking carbon monoxide levels as well as watching for signs of fire. In the event of a fire, the Intelligent Home Security System will alert the homeowner (by voice, text message or cell phone call amongst others) as well as notify emergency services. Emergency services arrive much quicker when the control monitoring service can confirm they have spoken to a person direct. Artificial intelligence programs are even able to pinpoint the location of the fire or intrusion, and provide that information to fire or police department personnel as they respond, for more efficient firefighting or intruder control and apprehension.

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