Televisions/Home Theatres

There are numerous options available in television/home theatre technology. When planning your home theatre, you will need to consider usage, quality, and price.



LCD flat panel sets have a fixed number of pixels on the screen surface. It is important to get as high a native pixel count as possible. Most LCD TVs (23-inches and up in screen size) offer at least a 1280×720 (720p) or 1366×768 (768p) native pixel resolution. These are the minimum pixel counts you should look for in an LCD television.

LCD TVs with 40-inches and larger screens now offer 1920×1080 (1080p) native pixel resolutions. This is even more desirable if you have or plan to purchase a Blu-ray Disc player.


Plasma TVs come in two types: EDTV and HDTV.

EDTVs typically have a native resolution of 852×480. 852×480 represents 852 pixels across (left to right) and 480 pixels down (top to bottom) on the screen surface. This is higher than standard TV, but is not HDTV resolution. Plasmas classified as HDTVs have a native resolution of 1024×768 or higher.

Check to see if the Plasma is an EDTV or an HDTV. Most Plasma Televisions are now HDTVs. A true HDTV Plasma TV has a native resolution of 1024×768, 1366×768, or 1920×1080.


The image on a projection TV is projected and reflected onto the screen from behind the screen, unlike traditional video and film projection in which the projector itself is placed in front of the screen.

There are three types of projection technology commonly used in rear-projection televisions: CRT, LCD, and DLP. CRT rear projection TVs are no longer available for purchase new but many are still being used.


Most manufacturers have announced LCD and Plasma 3D HDTV models.

At present, the amount of content to watch in 3D is limited but the number of videos being distributing in 3D are expanding. And keep in mind you can still watch 2D on a 3D TV. Your best option for 3D is Blu-ray movies. Television stations will soon be offering 3D content, as well.


Home Theatre

Movies can immerse you in other worlds, as sight and sound blend. This complete escape was only available in cinemas, with their huge screens and monstrous speakers. You can now enjoy a full-fledged cinematic experience in your living room with a home theatre. The three key components of a home theater system are: the display, the DVD player, and the speakers.

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