What is a Smart Home?

The terms smart homes has been used for more than a decade to introduce the concept of networking devices and equipment in the house. The best definition of smart home technology is: the integration of technology and services through home networking for a better quality of living.

This better quality of living would be achieved by automating mundane and repetitive daily tasks. Example: Automatically adjust ambient temperatures for your home based on when you are home or away. You could remotely turn on lighting for your home. Access a centralize control system of various home entertainment equipment from any room in your home.


Smart home technology can be broken in to 5 key components / applications of use.

Safety and Security

  • A smart home provides its occupants a safer environment. Security systems can protect the residents and their belongings from intruders. They can also warn homeowners in case there is any emergency, by letting them know how to take care of themselves. Smart homes could connect with town/local area warning systems for news on natural disasters. In case of a fire, the alarms would wake up the household, illuminate escape routes, and the doors are immediately unlocked.

Energy Efficiency

  • With the increasing costs and depletion of energy worldwide, it is becoming more important to be energy efficient. A smart home makes heating and cooling systems go on and off as needed, and the house is never too warm or too cold. Lights, computers and appliances are on only when someone is actually using them.


  • The smart home of the future will be especially convenient for older individuals. It will be able to tell the resident that it is time to take his/her medicine, call 911 in case of emergency and keep a record of the foods eaten and when. The house will also turn off the lights when not in use, shut off the running water and turn off the hot stove.


  • Many houses are already smart when it comes to the Internet. Computers around the house are all part of a network to share files among users and the Wi-Fi system, so laptops can be moved anywhere. You can also plug into your house computer from the road to easily communicate with everyone.


  • With a smart house, the residence will be prepared for getting the best sound and/or visuals on the stereo system, television and Internet. Ultimately multiples users could access the centralized home theatre features to view or listen to anything they want from any location in the home. The TVs in your home could also be used to access other features of the smart home system like: your video security system and emails.

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