Terms of Reference – Fair Trade Committee

Fair Trade Olds Committee Terms of Reference


To be the model rural Alberta community where citizens and businesses embrace Fair Trade principles.


To educate and encourage citizens to embrace fair trade concepts in their business and personal lives. Value words: Fair, compassionate, environmentally conscious, and transparent



The committee believes in and is dedicated to the principle of Fair Trade as outlined by TransFair Canada which can be found at http://transfair.ca/en/about-fairtrade/what-fair-trade


  • To increase Fair Trade products availability to consumers in the world market through support and education.
  • To increase awareness of the concept of Fair Trade among the citizens of Olds and region
  • To increase the number of Fair Trade providers and products available in Olds and surrounding region
  • To encourage citizens and organizations to publicly display their commitment to purchasing Fair Trade products
  • To encourage businesses adopt an in-house purchasing policy that offers Fair Trade products when available.
  • To model or follow the principles of sustainability and Fair Trade practice in all meetings and events
  • To facilitate the celebration of accomplishments
  • This group is committed to achieving two additional targets a year. (i.e. businesses offering Fair Trade Products, churches or organizations making a commitment to Fair Trade)
  • The group is responsible for submitting an annual report to TransFair Canada and the parent committee of the Olds Institute to monitor whether the area is continuing to meet the six goals, set out by TransFair Canada, as well as the two additional targets.
  • The group organizes events for National Fair Trade Weeks in May.
  • The committee will continue to stay aware of current trends and issues related to Fair Trade in order to stay objective and knowledgeable.



The Olds Fair Trade committee shall have a minimum of 5 members. This group must include a wide representation of community members and should ideally include a council representative, Fair Trade supporters, and people representing the area’s schools, churches and businesses.

Committee Meetings: The committee shall meet a minimum of once a month as decided by the committee.

Committee Chair: The chair shall be appointed for one year as decided on by the committee. The term shall begin in June each year.


Certification and Recognition:

The Fair Trade committee of Olds is not a Fair Trade certification body. Through our education and initiatives we partner with organizations that support the principles of Fair Trade. Consideration of inclusion or recognition of these businesses and organizations is outlined as per the Friends of Fair Trade inclusion Policy.

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