Vision / Mission

This committee is charged with marketing and promoting our community to the world. The community needs to be engaged in the process of promoting their community, as every resident of our community is a potential ambassador and the best cheerleaders for the cause.


Opportunities await you.


To market and promote our community advantages.


  • Membership of the committee is comprised of individuals with an interest in marketing and promotions.
  • Committee members will support our Vision, Mission & Shared Beliefs.
  • Committee members will be open to change.
  • The committee will endeavour to support the recommendations of the Institute.
  • Membership on the committee will be capped at 10 members.
  • Decision making will strive for consensus.
  • A quorum will consist of 50% of the committee membership at any point in time.
  • The current Olds Institute Board member will be the committee’s liaison to the Board.
  • The Committee Chair will attend a minimum of three Olds Institute Board meetings per year.
  • The committee will conduct an annual assessment of our goals and accomplishments.

The Marketing Committee is a strategic planning body comprised of a variety of people with expertise in the communications and marketing & promotion fields.

The Marketing Committee works with other Institute committees to properly package the increasing array of products and services, and to market these benefits globally. It helps promote the Olds Institute and its resources that oversee communications in national and international arenas.

While the Marketing Committee sets the overall tone and strategic direction for year-round communications, the Board of the Olds Institute will decide on implementation of recommendations the committee proposes.