Terms of Reference – Mountain View Power Committee

Mountain View Power Standing Committee – Terms of Reference

Accepted: June 21, 2011

Committee Name:

‘Mountain View Power’ www.mountainviewpower.com

Type of Committee:

A Standing Committee of the Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development Board.


Term will be for one (1) year

The Chairperson will be elected by the committee members from the membership of the MVP Committee and such election will be submitted to and subject to the approval of the OICRD Board

Responsible to:

OICRD Board.


  • To act as the project management and advisory committee to the OICRD Board.
  • To ensure that members of OICRD Board and members of OICRD Board Committees are kept informed with respect to the management and status of ‘Mountain View Power’;
  • To identify best practices, develop and build a strong understanding of how ‘Mountain View Power’ may be used to benefit the citizens of Olds and region;
  • To research and identify all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to OICRD owning its own electrical retailing business;
  • To put in place the necessary plans, procedures and policies required to ensure the success of Mountain View Power; and
  • To report out to the OICRD and the Community the benchmarks and outcomes of Mountain View Power business operations.


The Mountain View Power Standing Committee will be given authority and responsibility for managing the marketing, operations and finances of Mountain View Power. The Committee will inform the OICRD Board of the precise information required for it to establish governance policies that enable effective decision making on all operational issues of MVP.

Reporting & Project Timeframes and Deadlines:

  • The Committee will report directly to the OICRD board
  • As requested, the Committee will provide reports at specified OI Board meetings.
  • Currently reporting will be carried out as and when needed until further notice.
  • Project specific work will be attached to milestones and reporting dates to be determined by the OICRD Board.

Committee Reports

  • Reports are to be kept short, no more than one page.
  • Reports are to be circulated at least one week before the meeting to allow time for the report to be read for recommendations requiring board decisions to be considered.
  • Reports will include the following segments:


Standing Committee status; membership (names); specific issues the report deals with and, briefly, the background on it.

 Committee Research

Overview of the work that the committee did: e.g. specific research conducted and options explored.


 Specific recommendation the committee is making to the board in order to address an opportunity or threat including the reasoning for the recommendation, the necessary next steps and an estimated cost.

Organization, Membership and Meetings:

  • ‘Mountain View Power’ shall be comprised of up to five (5) members who meet the requirements of the Board.
  • New committee members will be recommended to and subject to the approval of the OICRD Board.
  • The Committee Chair will be one of the five members.
  • Membership will include:

(1) OICRD Board member;

(1) OICRD Technology Committee member ;

(1) Town of Olds staff member; and

(2) Community Members at Large.

  • Committee members may be added, removed or replaced by OICRD Board at any time.
  • A quorum is three (3) committee members present at a meeting. When and where practical, committee decision-making is to be achieved through a membership consensus model.
  • Each member of the committee, including the Chair, has one (1) vote.
  • The Chair does not have a casting vote in case of a tie.
  • Meetings may be called by the Chair or by a majority of the members of the committee. However, a minimum of 3 days’ notice must be provided prior to the established meeting date.
  • In the absence of the Chair at a meeting called with the appropriate notice, a quorum may appoint an acting chair to conduct that meeting
  • Written meeting minutes shall be maintained in a corporate minute book and will be distributed monthly to committee members and the OICRD Board.
  • Members of the Standing Committee shall share and support OICRD’s Vision, Mission, Values and mandate as stated in its Strategic Plan.
  • Members of the Standing Committee will ensure that Mountain View Power’s plans, procedures and policies align with the Town of Olds “Strategic Sustainability Plan”.

Communication with Board:

Communication with the OICRD Board will be through the Chair of the ‘Mountain View Power’ committee.

Committee Responsibilities

To fulfill its responsibilities and duties, ‘Mountain View Power’ shall:

  • Coordinate the project’s work, do the research, planning and development of financial and operational procedures and policies to be reviewed and adopted by the OICRD Board;
  • Report on Mountain View Power business activities and key performance indicators;
  • Ensure that OICRD’s governance principals and practices for continued compliance with best practices are adhered to;
  • Establish and Implement a self-evaluation performance assessment and reporting process; and
  • Continually identify individuals qualified to participate as an active member of the Mountain View Power Committee to ensure succession planning is in place.


Download a PDF version of Mountain View Power Committee Terms of Reference