Terms of Reference – Technology Committee

Technology Committee

APPROVED: July 19, 2011 OICRD Meeting

Terms of Reference

Through a stakeholder consultation process, the Olds community directed the OICRD to explore options for connecting to the SuperNet, as a tool to maintain the town’s status as a vibrant, entrepreneurial community.

The Technology Committee exists as a Pillar Committee of the OICRD…

a. To research and create a sustainable business plan for a communications network within the Community that will enable communications and data transmission services with community, national and global partners.

b. To facilitate the development of educational programs and activities to leverage the benefits of the communications network, creating a “Culture of Use” within the business and residential communities that would enhance competitiveness, capacity, quality of life, and wealth and job creation.

c. To promote, encourage, co-ordinate and stimulate interest and co-operation among OICRD members in telecommunications and information technology services, and incidental theret

a. To foster participation by its members in joint programs offered within the industry in the area of services, applications, network management systems and technologies which are now or will become applicable to high speed data networks; and

b. To the best of its ability, to remain current in, and keep its members informed of, changes in networking technology and the development of new networking technology, products, applications, software and services relevant to the operation of the communications network.

 d. To ensure decisions of the committee will be made in consideration of the five dimensions of sustainability (Economy, Environment, Social, Culture and Governance), representing five of the Outcomes of the OICRD Ends Policy,

 e. To develop and manage the business plan of the Olds Connected Community Network (OCCN) to provide sustainable revenues from the operation of the communication network that will be available to OICRD to support staffing, operations and community development initiatives

 f. To manage, on behalf of the OICRD board, contracts for the design, construction, commissioning, marketing, management, maintenance, expansion, and day to day operations of the dark fibre infrastructure, governed by the Charter approved by the Board.

 g. To promote the installation of new networking technologies, products, applications, software and services within the Community;

 h. Prepare and manage the committee budget.

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