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Uptowne Olds Committee

An Accredited Alberta Mainstreet Program

Date: 18/9/2012

Excerpt from “Strategic and Operational Plan: Oct 2012 – Oct 2015”

Download complete PDF version of the “Uptowne Olds Strategic and Operational Plan: Oct 2012 – Oct 2015”

Executive Summary

The Uptowne Olds Strategic and Operational Plan 2013-2015 is the culmination of over five years of effort by numerous volunteers – merchants, property owners and other dedicated individuals -committed to the economic, cultural and social success of Olds’ traditional commercial area, as well as the historic conservation and preservation of the human built capital in the Uptowne core.

This work has been supported by many partners, including the Province of Alberta, the Town of Olds, the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development, the Olds Historical Society and other groups that recognize a healthy Uptowne commercial district contributes immeasurably to the prosperity and quality of life in Olds.

This plan outlines initiatives that Uptowne Olds will undertake over the next three years to

  • further the marketing and promotion of the Uptowne area and its businesses,
  • strengthen the Uptowne Olds organization to ensure its effectiveness and long-term viability. And
  • sustain accreditation status in the Mainstreet Alberta program

Some of these initiatives and events are annual and/or ongoing activities, while others are one-time projects. They are woven together by a clear vision, mission and values of Uptowne Olds, as well as a commitment by the members to build a vibrant, prosperous and sustainable Uptowne destination.

The plan is founded on relationships between local organizations, local government and provincial government supporters. Each entity plays a critical role in the plan’s successful delivery. The plan is also predicated on an ongoing yet revitalized relationship with the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development. By aligning the Uptowne Olds organization more directly with the Institute for the purpose of financial accountability and management, there is greater opportunity for more operational efficiencies through shared resources. Uptowne Olds believes this will benefit both the Institute and the Uptowne Olds members.


 “Uptowne Olds is the cultural and commercial destination in the region” 


 “To be a vibrant Uptowne Core – promoting business, growth, development and revitalization through the stewardship of our culture and heritage.” 


Uptowne Olds continues to embrace the values its members established early in the organization’s development. These values include:

  • Sense of place
    • A Distinct Community
  • Community Service
  • Inclusion and welcoming
    • Understanding
    • Respect
    • Loyalty
    • Friendship
    • Personal Service
    • Responsiveness
  • Participation and Consensus
    • Opportunity
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability, Conservation & Historic Places
    • Accountability
    • Effectiveness
    • Efficiency

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