Terms of Reference – Uptowne Olds Marketing Committee

Uptowne Olds Marketing Committee

Terms of Reference

Type of Committee:

The Marketing Committee is a Standing Committee of the Uptowne Group.


To develop and implement a Marketing Plan that will allocate fiscal and human

resources in a focused manner to achieve the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals,

Strategies and Action Plan of Uptowne.

Duties and Responsibilities are to:

  • Honor the Vision, Mission and Values of the Uptowne Group and ensure that all marketing activities are in alignment.
  • Partner with Olds Fashioned Christmas to ensure Uptowne plays its part and to plan and implement Midnight Madness.
  • Partner with the Mountain View Pistons in planning and implementing the Show and Shine.
  • Ensure the business profiles of members are done for the media.
  • Plan and Implement Summer Oldstice.
  • Work in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure the success of any event that may take place in the Uptowne Core. (i.e. Wheels in Motion tour Feb 29th 2012)
  • Work in partnership with the Wellspring Art Society to plan and implement a successful kick-off.
  • Work with the contactor for the development and implementation of asuccessful social media plan, to ensure its success and ensure that the requirements of the memorandum for services are met.


  • The committee will consist of no fewer than 5 members and no more than 13 members, including the administrative team.
  • Members will be selected from the membership of the Uptowne group and be appointed by them.
  • Committee Members will be selected based upon their willingness andability to further the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Strategies and Action Plan of Uptowne
  • Members will serve a two year term, beginning October 1st. Half of the members will be appointed each October
  • In cases where a committee vacancy occurs an appointment may be made for the remaining period of an absent members term at the discretion of the appointer.
  • Committee members will remain eligible to serve consecutive terms on the committee at the sole discretion of the appointer.

Administrative Team:

  • The Chair shall be appointed by the committee, among a majority vote of the members of the committee.
  • The Chair acts as a facilitator to bring the group to consensus.
  • Vice Chairs may be appointed by the committee in the absence of a solely willing Chair, among a majority vote of the members of the committee.
  • The Secretary shall be appointed by the committee, among a majority vote of the members of the committee.
  • Financial oversight is provided by a member of the Committee who is appointed by the Committee for this purpose.
  • The Administrative Team is appointed every September, for one year terms that begin on October 1st of each year.
  • The Administrative Team does not act as a decision-making body outside of the Marketing Committee.


  • Decisions will be made by building consensus.
  • Everyone has one vote, including the Chair.

Committee Meetings:

  • The committee shall meet no fewer than eight times per year and may meet as often as required to fulfill the goals of the committee.
  • Quorum is determined as 50% of the committee membership.
  • The committee may meet in person or via the use of technology as long as a quorum is achieved and members are able to register their vote and enter into discussions equitably.
  • Additional volunteers and advisors may be utilized as and when required.
  • Sub-Committees may be established at the discretion of the Marketing Committee.
  • Actions and recommendations of Sub-Committees must be ratified by the Marketing Committee.
  • Sub-Committee members do not need to be members of the Marketing Committee.

Resources Available to the Committee:

  • The volunteer Marketing Committee is empowered to work within its funding allocations as provided by Uptowne and its members.
  • The Marketing Committee may utilize the staff and volunteer resources provided to them as stipulated and endorsed by Uptowne and its members.
  • The Marketing Committee may engage with the members of Uptowne, government, and non-governmental agencies to apply for grants and funding, upon approval by Uptowne. The contract manager for all grant money received will be Uptowne.

Goals for this year

  • Goals will be reviewed and determined on an annual basis through a strategic planning process, and will be supported by a Plan of Action that includes measurable outcomes.

 Reports required and Due Dates

  • The Marketing Committee will submit its strategic plan and prepare annual Marketing budget. This shall go to Uptowne at their September monthly meeting, for the following calendar year to gain their input and approval.
  • The Marketing Committee will report to Uptowne at its regular monthly meetings, and as requested from time to time.
  • Minutes of all meetings, and records of all activities and use of committee resources, shall be kept and made available to Uptowne upon request.

Evaluation Process 

  • The Marketing Committee shall complete a self-evaluation process once a year, based on the strategic plan, and other assessment tools as needed, and report the results to Uptowne

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