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Communities are stronger through volunteering and civic engagement. Social bonds are formed when individuals work together and share stories and experiences. Volunteering provides the opportunity to work jointly on programs and projects while achieving mutual goals and objectives. Close ties between members in the community build social cohesion through trust and mutual respect. These elements mean that volunteering contributes to social capital and stimulates new opportunities within the community. Community involvement is linked to greater wellbeing and happiness.

The Olds Institute relies on volunteers in every aspect of our organization and values the time, talents, and passions volunteers contribute to achieving of our mission, through leadership, initiatives, special projects and serving the community. Engaging individual volunteers and connecting with local schools, service clubs, businesses, and government departments links us to people with diverse skills, cultural backgrounds, ages, and abilities that strengthen our capacity to meet the evolving needs of our community.

We are committed to creating a warm and inclusive environment where the unique gifts of volunteers are recognized and nurtured and where dedicated staff and resources support meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers are provided with training and support in order to carry out their work effectively and recognized for their valuable contributions.

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Are you interested in joining us to make your community better and helping our committee become successful?

Call us at the Olds Institutes office at: 403-556-1105 or eMail us at:

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